Quote Performance Settings

CPQ has new-er functionality that will push the tool into a “large quote calculation” event. If your quotes are typically entering hundreds of lines, hello MDQ I’m looking at you, then this could be useful.

Understand that in the package settings there are two settings:

  • Threshold
  • Batch Size

The Threshold is the total number of lines necessary to force CPQ to do a large quote event

Batch size is the number of quotes lines being processed at a time. If the value is NULL – the default is 150 lines

So IF you need this function be careful because there are limitations especially around Product Rules. Please read the help article carefully.

It is best to do some testing because the smaller the batch size, the longer CPQ takes to process your quote lines. And that Threshold value shouldn’t be a small value either since you only want CPQ to process quotes in this format when necessary.

Also understand that this is NOT Large Quote Experience. That is a UI function while these are performance settings.

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