Let Me Speak!

Don’t ya want to let me speak?

I’ve been fortunate to be speaking on Salesforce and Process for well over a decade now. My ACL was blown during a presentation a few years ago so know that I go “all-in” during my presentations. Through that time I’ve discussed a bunch of topics but today I focus on two.

Snowforce 2020

Salesforce CPQ for Beginners

Lots of organizations are looking to improve their quoting process and Salesforce CPQ is a good option to consider.

But before you begin (or if already started), answering a few simple questions will help keep you on track.

This session will cover:

  • WHAT is CPQ and Quoting and how it is best utilized
  • WHY a quoting tool can reduce errors and speed the process
  • WHO should be involved in this project
  • HOW to gather your business data and process for success
  • WHEN to ask for external help and how to best utilize these resources

Own Your SH&%

Everyone talks about accountability but how many people are holding themselves accountable? If we’re honest, not as many we would like! In this presentation filled with face-palming anecdotes, Brad Gross outlines the daily disciplines necessary to truly make accountability the habit and not the exception to the rule.

This session will cover:

  • Daily time management
  • Goal setting and communication
  • Leading yourself and your team
  • A few moments to appreciate that you are not being mentioned in this presentation

What People Say About Brad Without Paying Them Off

Brad spoke at Forcelandia a few times and his sessions were always enjoyable. It was well received by people at all levels and did an amazing job keeping the audience engaged and learning. He may or may not have been barefoot and with a beer in hand, but that only added to the charming, informational session that we all enjoyed. I would highly recommend Brad to your organization

-Angela Mahoney, Founder of Forcelandia