Charging Different Prices During a Renewal

You have a product that is charged one price when it is a new sale and then another price during the renewal. What can you do.

Multiple Product Records

This is especially helpful in Percent of Total situations. The cleanest method is to replace the product with something else using the Renewal Product lookup on the Product object. CPQ will automatically swap it out during the Renewal Quote creation

Price Rules

But let’s say you don’t like this idea. If the situation is going to be limited in size and scope then using a Price Rule to swap out the value or do a % calculation works as well. This is especially useful if your renewal method is set to “Same” or “Same + Uplift”.

Lookup Tables

The final option would be to use a Lookup Query in a Price Rule to find the correct pricing. This would entail having a custom object with fields to do the work plus entries and criteria worked out so that the Query only returns one result. So you could have fields labeled:

  • Product Code
  • Parent Product Code
  • Quote Type
  • Price

Just a few ideas and the correct answer depends on how you want to maintain CPQ and how often this situation will occur in your catalog.

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