4 Ways to Manually Discount a Quote Line

Was working on a recent project and realized that CPQ had released 2 new methods to use the Additional Discount field.

  • Unit Override- User sets the price they want to sell each quantity
    • I want to sell this for $5/each
  • Total Override- User sets the price for the quote line
    • I want to sell this quote line for $1000

Now this is gonna get interesting. So for those searching for “how” let me answer that question first:

Add the above items to the picklist field on the Quote Line object in Additional Discount.

What Happens with These New Features

So how does this work?

With each of the above CPQ will attempt to determine the Additional Discount amount to arrive at the price. This key word is “amount” since CPQ is going to adjust the discount amount and not the percentage.

Why Discount Percentage May Be Important

If your organization has multi-currency or is looking to implement multi-currency in the near future, then your approvals may be hinging on the discount % and not the discount amount. And to be honest that is perfectly OK! It makes life a bit easier in the long run for discount approvals to be based on percentage since that is easier to track and understood.

So if you want to use these newer options, then it may take some custom field and price rule work to think about the percentage of discount especially if your implementation is using pricing lookups, block pricing, and maybe some custom discounting work all before the user adjusts the price with the Additional Discount field. So test and check. It usually takes some effort.

All the Ways

There are 4 ways to use that Additional Discount field:

  • % – set a percentage
  • Amount – discount by a set amount
  • Unit – Set the desired unit price and CPQ will figure out the discount amount
  • Total – Set the desired total price for the quote line and CPQ will figure out discount amount for each of the units

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